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Targeted campaigns: Ads that win customers

Our Google Ads are an important key to your digital success. We develop tailor-made advertising campaigns, optimize ads and increase your online visibility to win real customers for your company. With our expertise, we use your online presence in a targeted manner to achieve sustainable results.

What we do for you:

Keyword research

Our keyword research for Google Ads begins with a thorough analysis of your industry and target group. We identify relevant keywords and search terms to create a customized campaign that targets the right users.

Campaign setup

Our AdWords campaigns are aimed precisely at your needs. We reduce wastage and develop customized strategies at the right time and in the right place. With the right setup settings, we ensure that the ad really reaches potential customers and can positively influence a purchase decision.

Advertisement design

Our ad design for Google Ads is characterized by creative expertise and data-driven strategy. We create appealing ads that not only stand out, but also convert, and continuously optimize them for first-class performance.

Ongoing optimization

When optimizing ads for Google Ads, we rely on continuous fine-tuning based on thorough data analysis. We customize ads, refine keywords and adjust budgets to ensure your campaigns deliver compelling results.

Reporting & Conversion Tracking

Our transparent and easy-to-understand reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of the progress of your campaigns and highlight areas that can be optimized. At the same time, we precisely customize your website for conversion tracking to collect accurate data about which activities on your website lead to valuable conversions. This allows us to analyze and optimize the ROI of your campaigns even more precisely.

We solve real problems

This is exactly what we specialize in! With targeted Google Ads campaigns, we can reach potential customers exactly when they are looking for your products or services. We help you to identify the right keywords, create appealing ads and continuously optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results. In addition, we use conversion tracking to precisely measure the success of the campaigns and adapt the website accordingly. This is how we make sure you get the most out of your budget and bring more customers to your website.

This is a common problem, and a clear analysis is the key to success here. We can help you implement effective conversion tracking tools that measure exactly how well your campaigns are performing. These tools not only show how many clicks you get, but also how many of those clicks lead to actual conversions, be it sales, sign-ups or other important actions. With this data, we can then further optimize your campaigns to get the best results and make sure your Google Ads campaign really works

That is a very understandable concern. An effective strategy for this is to increase the investment in organic traffic in order to be less dependent on paid ads in the long term. We can help you develop a solid SEO strategy aimed at improving your website’s position in Google’s organic search results. This includes optimizing your website, improving the user experience and creating content that is attractive to both your target audience and search engines. In this way, you can gradually attract more visitors via organic traffic and reduce your dependence on paid ads.

Case study Urben AG

Urben AG, an SME specializing in the service and sale of large household appliances, uses Google Ads effectively. The company generates up to 100 calls and contacts per month.

The highlight: The managing director can pause the advertising campaign during the vacation period with one click so as not to overload his team, and reactivate it just as easily shortly before the end of the vacation. With costs of around €15 per call and the fact that every third call leads to a new customer, the business case for Google Ads is quickly made.

Not found on Google? How to make your website visible

If your website cannot be found in Google search results, there may be various reasons for this. In our blog post "My homepage doesn't appear on Google - what to do?" we offer a crash course in on-page search engine optimization, in which you will find many tricks and tips for optimizing your pages.

We explain how you can check whether your site is even listed in the Google index. You will also find out which errors can cause search engines to ignore your pages and how you can avoid this. In addition, there are valuable tips for improving the visibility of your pages in the search engines (spoiler: it has nothing to do with the font color).