SEO: The key to online success

Search engine optimization for better visibility and higher conversions
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Search engine optimization - so much more than just keywords

Modern search engine optimization encompasses far more than just keywords. We

  1. minimize the loading times of your pages on all devices
  2. maximize the user experience of your visitors
  3. create high-quality and optimized content and
  4. link everything to your social media

For us, search engine optimization is not a measure, but a strategy that encompasses all aspects of your online presence.

Our proven approach

SEO diagnosis: Where do we stand?

A thorough SEO analysis of a website is crucial in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and optimize visibility in search engines. This process includes checking the technical performance, evaluating the keyword strategy, checking backlinks and analyzing the content. By identifying optimization potential, targeted measures can be taken to improve the website's display in search results and increase traffic.

SEO roadmap: Your way to the top

Planning an SEO strategy requires a comprehensive analysis of business goals, target groups and the competitive landscape. On this basis, clear, measurable objectives are defined and a customized strategy is developed. This includes the selection of relevant keywords, the optimization of the website structure and content, the creation of high-quality content and the regular monitoring and adjustment of the strategy. A well-thought-out SEO strategy is the key to long-term online success and improved visibility in search engines.

SEO in action: We make it concrete

Now the sleeves are being rolled up. While the technicians take care of the infrastructure of your site, our creative department designs relevant and high-quality content that supports your company and product philosophy and offers your visitors real added value. And in the background, the right strings are being pulled to generate valuable backlinks. In short, we do everything we can to put your website in the fast lane.

SEO monitoring: always stay on the ball

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. That's why we keep a constant eye on your website and those of your competitors. We monitor performance, look at keyword trends in the search engines, adjust the strategy if necessary and keep you up to date with regular reports.

We solve real problems

Absolutely, it is essential to know how and from where visitors come to your site. We install special tools that give you detailed insights into your website’s organic traffic. This allows you to see exactly how many visitors come to your site via Google and which content is particularly well received. This enables data-based optimization of your website to further increase traffic.

Ranking on Google is an ongoing process that requires a strategic approach. First, we carry out a thorough analysis of your current website and your market environment. Based on this, we develop an SEO strategy that includes both technical optimization of your website and content measures. We use proven SEO practices to improve your site’s visibility step by step and help you create high-quality content that ranks well on Google. It is an ongoing process in which we are happy to accompany and guide you.

That is a very understandable concern. An effective strategy for this is to increase the investment in organic traffic in order to be less dependent on paid ads in the long term. We can help you develop a solid SEO strategy aimed at improving your website’s position in Google’s organic search results. This includes optimizing your website, improving the user experience and creating content that is attractive to both your target audience and search engines. In this way, you can gradually attract more visitors via organic traffic and reduce your dependence on paid ads.

Kinesiologie Burgdorf Portfolio

Ballast-free case study

Ballastfree, a small therapy company, was struggling with declining visitor numbers on its website. Only a few found their way there via search engines. Thanks to a targeted redesign and a focused content strategy, we were able to increase the number of visitors from Google searches by a factor of five to ten. And the best thing about it? A large, time-consuming blog was not necessary - the key to success lay in the targeted selection of keywords and small but subtle adjustments.

Not found on Google? How to make your website visible

If your website cannot be found in Google search results, there may be various reasons for this. In our blog post "My homepage doesn't appear on Google - what to do?" we offer a crash course in on-page search engine optimization, in which you will find many tricks and tips for optimizing your pages.

We explain how you can check whether your site is even listed in the Google index. You will also find out which errors can cause search engines to ignore your pages and how you can avoid this. In addition, there are valuable tips for improving the visibility of your pages in the search engines (spoiler: it has nothing to do with the font color).