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It is difficult to give a general answer. It depends on the scope and the requirements. As a guide: A simple one-page website costs CHF 999 and then it goes up.

If it is a small website and the design plays a subordinate role, then we can realize the site in 3 days. If it is a normal business website, I would reckon with approx. 1 to 2 months (depending on how far the content already exists).

An e-mail address is part of a professional image, especially for companies. Either you already have an e-mail provider, in which case we can help you set up the domain there, or you can host the e-mail address with us. In both cases: Just ask.

We take care of it.

That depends a bit on where you’re stuck. A blanket answer is therefore not possible. Either we help you to overcome the remaining challenges or we decide together to start all over again. Ultimately, it depends on what is cheaper and faster.