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Webentwicklung code beispiel

Technologies used

Python is our preferred programming language. In combination with the Django framework, this results in an extremely flexible application stack. This combination enables us to develop applications efficiently and quickly.

Our hosting runs entirely in the cloud, whereby we rely on either Digital Ocean or Google Cloud, depending on requirements. This not only enables us to be cost-efficient, but also minimizes downtime. It also relieves us of the burden of managing many basic details so that we can concentrate 100% on the application.

What would a web developer be without PHP knowledge? Platforms such as WordPress and Kirby are based on PHP, and of course we are also well versed in this area. We can easily make adjustments to optimize your existing website. However, we do not use PHP to develop completely new applications. Our strength lies in other technologies when it comes to development from the ground up

In the front-end area, we rely on the proven technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This combination enables us to design appealing and interactive user interfaces that are both functional and visually appealing. We use HTML to structure the content, while CSS provides the appealing design. JavaScript comes into play when it comes to interactivity and user experience. This is how we create websites and applications that not only look good, but are also intuitive and user-friendly.

Web development that gives your business wings

You have the vision, we implement it. Our web development goes far beyond chic design. We put together an all-round carefree package that is perfectly tailored to your business goals and the needs of your customers. Whether you need a web application, an e-commerce platform or a complex backend system – we use state-of-the-art technologies and proven methods to make your project a success. With us at your side, you can be sure that your website not only looks good, but also performs well.

Scalable and extremely cost-effective to operate.

The distributor is the link between IoT sensors, such as GPS trackers or weather stations. It records all data and forwards it to the correct end platform. Based on the Google Cloud, the platform scales automatically and can therefore serve just a few devices up to thousands of devices.

Travelmanager - Reference

We did the travel manager for a small local travel agency that offers backpacking and bike tours. The advantage: the travel agency takes care of the overnight stays and ensures that the luggage gets to the next hotel. This allows the end customer to go on multi-day hiking tours through the Swiss mountains without a rucksack.

The organization of luggage and overnight stays in particular poses certain challenges, as many different hotel bookings quickly come together, especially in summer. The previous tool was outdated and required a lot of manual work and should therefore be replaced.

The project was completed in 4 sprints (time periods) of 1 week each. This gave the customer full cost control and only those functions were developed that were really necessary and not some “niceties” that were not needed at all.

The Travelmanager runs as a web application and can therefore be accessed from anywhere. It can also be easily adapted to new requirements.

Further projects

In recent years, we have been able to realize even more projects:

  • Rapporteur, which digitizes time and material recording on construction sites.
  • Productmanager, which synchronizes stock levels across several stores.
  • Jobreminder: A small tool that helps you find overdue jobs.