Kirby Websites – An example under the magnifying glass

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is critical to the success of a Kirby website in today’s digital world. While there are numerous options such as WordPress and Joomla, Kirby CMS offers a unique blend of flexibility, security and ease of use.(Kirby vs WordPress: Which CMS is best for SMEs?).

Kirby offers a unique blend of flexibility, security and ease of use and has proven to be a solid foundation for a Kirby website. As a file-based CMS, it does not require a database, which offers high performance and fewer attack surfaces for security risks. But how does a Kirby website perform in practice? Is Kirby as a CMS really a viable option for companies, freelancers and agencies?

To answer these questions, we have put together a series of case studies that highlight the versatility and power of a Kirby website. From small blogs to complex corporate websites, these case studies show how different projects have benefited from the specific advantages of a Kirby website.

In the following case studies we will look at how Kirby was used in different scenarios, what challenges it solved and how it helped to create a successful Kirby website. Whether you’re a small business owner, a web developer or just curious about this underrated CMS, these case studies offer valuable insights into the world of Kirby websites.

Kirby Website – Wohnart Immobilien

Kirby Website Wohnart Real Estate

Wohn.ART Immobilien AG, a provider of exclusive loft apartments that combine living and art, was faced with a significant challenge. Their first attempt to launch a website with another agency had failed. However, as a new company, it was essential to establish a strong online presence. The goal was clear, albeit challenging: a pixel-perfect and reliable implementation of the design specifications.

Arguments for a Kirby website:

  1. The design should correspond pixel-perfect to the Figma template. If it can be realized with HTML, then also with Kirby. Unlike WordPress and other content management systems, with Kirby the system doesn’t get in the way.
  2. Implementation should be cost-effective.
  3. Easy to maintain. (I have never seen the opposite requirement)
  4. Few structural changes are expected because the business model is established and experience is already available.

Point 4 in particular should not be underestimated. While larger structural changes can be made with a construction kit and WordPress without major programming effort, this is not the case with Kirby.

The data structures of a Kirby website can be quite complex.

Reference objects: These are entered and categorized centrally so that they are then displayed in the right place. Categorization is child’s play and adapted to the context.

Sell and rent: two different types of data, which in turn are displayed on the corresponding page. Here too, the objects can reach any level of complexity.


Without any major optimization work, we can easily achieve an A with GTmetrix. While this work can take a few days or more with WordPress, this is the case with Kirby by Design.

Help my Kirby page no longer works

The Kreativ Garten team approached us with precisely this urgent request. The core problem: Their website was based on Kirby 2, a version that is unfortunately not compatible with PHP 8. The web hosting provider had upgraded from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8 in the course of security updates, which led to the Kirby website going down.

The advantage of a Kirby website is particularly evident at such times: you can simply download all the files via FTP, fix the problems locally and upload the corrected files back to the server.

Further examples of a Kirby website