Responsive design

Responsive design” refers to a website design that looks good on both small (mobile) and large (desktop) screens without having to program two extra pages.

But let’s be slow: why all this at all?

According to Comparis, 4.9 million Swiss people own a smartphone (i.e. a phone that is suitable for surfing the net). This corresponds to 78% of the Swiss population. After all, every second Swiss person owns a tablet. [Stand 2016]

When I sit on the bus in the morning, I have no doubt that these figures are true. Practically everyone sits or stands hunched over the small flickering screen.

The web designer therefore has the task of displaying content in such a way that it is (pleasantly and easily) legible for both the 4K 27-inch screen user and the Samsung Galaxy Mini visitor. We are talking about a factor of 10 here! In other words, the “big” visitor has 10 times more space on his screen than the small one and actually both want to achieve the same thing, namely to read our content.

Building an app… rather not

One solution would be to package the whole thing in an app. This may well be an acceptable solution for the really big players, but I doubt that the 0815 visitor will install an app just to find the phone number.

In addition, the costs for your own app are very expensive, plus the fragmented Android vs. Apple market (we’ll leave out Windows and Blackberry). So, in theory, two apps would have to be built.

Conclusion: Building your own app makes no sense.

The solution is called Responsive Design

Responsive design means a flexible layout. There is a website that adapts to the various devices as if by magic. For example, while the PC visitor is served a three-column layout, the iPhone visitor only has one column.

Although this technology was already perceived as the biggest trend in 2012, there are still countless sites that neglect this and therefore potentially lose customers. The initial outlay is not significantly higher in most cases. The only thing you have to invest a little more time in is testing.

Our small web design agency offers web design especially for craftsmen. From the industry for the industry.