Small companies and tradespeople can also advertise online

Hardly any small company or tradesman will have enough money to put up a large poster in Zurich station or run an advertisement on television. Is it even necessary?

Fortunately, anyone can advertise on the Internet, no matter how small the budget: Google and Facebook are among the most popular and best.

What makes online advertising so attractive?

Online advertising has six characteristics that make it particularly attractive:

  • It’s inexpensive and you can do something even on a small budget
  • No initial investment is necessary
  • You have full control over how much money you want to spend
  • You can see exactly how many visitors the ad reaches and whether it \”works\”
  • You can be relatively specific about who you want to show your advertising to
  • You only pay for effective clicks

Most important technical terms

CPC (Costs per Clicks). The cost of a click (an amount in francs or dollars)

CTR (click through rate). The ratio between the number of times an advertisement is displayed and the number of clicks. If the advertisement is displayed 100x, of which 15x are clicked on, this corresponds to a CTR of 15%.

Paid Search. Advertising that is placed on Google (or other search engines) and appears for corresponding search terms.

Organic Search. In contrast, these are the search results that are achieved through good content and SEO.

SEO. Search Engine Optim ization. Prepare the page accordingly so that it appears as high as possible in Google and Co.

Pop-up. Mostly annoying advertising in a new browser window.

Unique Visitor / Unique User. The number of visitors to a page. If a visitor comes to the site several times in one day, this visitor is only counted as one.

Page views (page displays). Number of pages viewed. This can never be greater than the unique visitors.

And what next

Before you start advertising, you should make sure that the site works. Worst case (which hopefully won’t happen): Advertising is placed, but the website does not work at all.

Also bear in mind that although the tools are simple, you can quickly spend 10-20 with a single click. It may not be much for one click if that person becomes a customer… but if not and you have hundreds of them, it gets expensive. We have a lot of experience, as we have already invested hundreds of thousands of francs in online advertising ourselves.

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