These forms of content make your page more attractive

The About Us page, the contact form and the description of the services/products are simple and self-explanatory. But what now? Google loves content. The more good content you have, the better your ranking in Google will be. Here are a few ideas of what other types of content you can include on your site.


The rise and popularity of YouTube shows how popular video is as content. Videos make a website personal and human, but (if it is to be professional) they are also time-consuming and expensive to create. Topics could be: presenting products or techniques, interviews, time-lapse of a project, etc.


Podcast corresponds to a spoken blog. The quality ranges from extremely elaborate stories to a person recording something with a cell phone. A very popular form of podcasts are round tables where a few experts talk about a topic.


So-called tutorials are an extremely popular form of content. These can be designed as video or text. If you choose text as your medium, images are important. Instructions on how to apply two-component paint cleanly, apply plaster walls, sand down the garden fence, etc.


Infographics are visually appealing illustrations of a topic. Statistics are usually mixed with meaningful symbols. There are several online tools that make it possible for non-experts to create such graphics. One of these is


\”10 tools that every DIY enthusiast needs\”, \”These 5 tips will make any renovation a success\” or \”The 10 most creative lighting systems\”. These lists are always very popular. Every industry provides material to create such lists. This type of content is very popular on social networks.


Studies include a time factor. Rather than just taking a snapshot, studies allow you to delve deeper into a topic and can reinforce your status as an expert in a certain field.


One of the reasons Amazon is so successful is because they have a sophisticated review system. Instead of believing the advertising or the product description, customers prefer to rely on personal reviews from other customers. As a craftsman, you use different tools every day. Why not always evaluate certain tools from a company and point out their strengths and weaknesses. Caution: If you are reviewing your own products, this is perfectly permissible, but to avoid losing credibility you must make a corresponding note.