Conversion rate – What is it?

Conversion or “conversion” or “transformation”. Even if the name might suggest it, conversion has nothing to do with religion. Conversion is the conversion of a \”costly visitor\” into a \”valuable customer\”.

Example 1 – The e-commerce classic
Valentin Vielkäufer surfs With just a few clicks, he buys the new miracle vacuum cleaner. Goal of the page fulfilled.
Klaus Kaufmuffel also ends up on After browsing for a while, he leaves the site (frustrated?). Goal of the page not fulfilled.
The conversion rate is an impressive 50%. Every second customer carries out a transaction. It would be nice.

Example 2 – The classic blog
Lars Leser regularly visits He finally overcomes his skepticism and signs up for the newsletter. Target achieved.
Thomas Tvschauer finds via Google, but is gone again after just one article. Goal of the page not fulfilled.
The conversion rate here is also an impressive 50%.

Targets are necessary to measure the conversion rate.

  • Selling a product
  • Offer a white paper
  • Make a contact
  • Collect an e-mail address
  • Etc.

The conversion rate is the number of fulfilled goals per visitor. 10 visitors with a conversion rate of 50% are more valuable than 1000 visitors with a conversion rate of 0.1%, or also: quality before quantity.

Not to raise false hopes: an average conversion rate is somewhere in the range of 1-5%.

Have you formulated goals for your website? Then see how high your conversion rate is. We will be happy to support you.