Facebook as an advertising platform

Facebook currently has over one billion DAILY users. In other words, more than one billion people open the Facebook page or Facebook app every day. Facebook’s business model is advertising. Facebook offers its platform to place advertisements:

In principle, advertising works very similarly to advertising via Adwords:

  • Select a target group (whereby a much more precise selection can be made here, right down to interests)
  • Putting together the advertising
  • Specify a budget

It is important to understand that not only Facebook posts can be promoted, but also links to external pages (i.e. to your website).

While the two platforms are fundamentally very different, there is one fundamental difference:

When I search on Google, I have a problem and am looking for a solution. I just want to kill time on Facebook.

Facebook is therefore generally better suited for awareness campaigns, while visitors to Google are looking for a targeted answer. There is no patent solution. Here, too, it is important to simply try out certain things. The beauty of digital media is that you can easily check whether your efforts are successful.

Who the visitor comes to your website: Does he do what you want him to do (e.g. request a quote) or does he disappear again immediately? So it’s important to ask yourself: What do you want your visitors to do on your site?

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to place ads on Facebook in the Facebook help section.

Costs per click (CPC) are also variable here. As a guide, 10 centimes to 1 franc is not bad.