Vanessa Cook


Vanessa Cook, a renowned dancer and choreographer, needed an online presence that reflected her passion for dance and her artistic vision. She was looking for a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that would enable her to present her work and projects effectively. The challenge was to create a platform that was both visually appealing and easy to manage, so that Vanessa could update and expand her content herself.

Project objective

The aim of the project was to develop an intuitive and visually appealing website that best showcases Vanessa’s artistic identity and works. A key aspect was user-friendliness, in particular the ability for Vanessa to update and expand the website content independently and easily.


The website was created using Kirby CMS, a flexible and user-friendly content management platform. This made it possible to create a customized solution that was tailored precisely to Vanessa Cook’s needs and ideas. The design of the website reflects the aesthetics and dynamics of dance, with particular attention paid to a clear structure and intuitive navigation.


Individual design: The website presents Vanessa Cook’s dance projects in an appealing and artistic setting that emphasizes her creative vision.

Easy content management: Thanks to Kirby CMS, Vanessa can add, edit and organize content independently, giving her full control over her online presence.

Expandable platform: The website was designed to grow with Vanessa’s career, seamlessly integrating new projects and content.

Ease of use: The website offers a simple and intuitive user experience for both Vanessa and her visitors.

Customer feedback

When creating a new website with Wundernetz, I really appreciated their structured design process. The questions asked by Wundernetz also helped me to better recognize my website needs and preferences. Wundernetz found excellent online solutions for my requirements. The process was relaxed, but quick and efficient. I can fully recommend a design collaboration with Wundernetz.

Vanessa Cook
July 2023
October 2023