To the right content – Part 3 – Good pictures

I described how to create good text in part 2. As the saying goes: a photo says more than a thousand pictures.

Unfortunately, all too often I come across beautiful websites that are spoiled by bad pictures. To be honest, it’s also tempting to take a quick photo with your cell phone and post it on the site:

  • As a result, the images are poorly exposed and therefore often look “grainy”.
  • or are blurred
  • Then there are many who are overexposed or underexposed
  • It’s also really bad when important information is cut off

But small \”errors\” are also noticeable:

  • The photos do not fit into the color concept
  • The photos are unnecessary and only serve as space fillers
  • or they distract from the actual content

The question arises: How do I get good pictures? Ideally, you should have a professional do it. It costs a few francs, but you have a solid basis and can continue to use the photos.

Another possibility are so-called \”stock libraries\”. One of the best known is gettyimages. However, the photos can be expensive and for every blog article you want to spend 50 or more francs on, you can also get very good pictures for free. My favorite platforms are pixabay and Unsplash. The photos are 100% free and require no mention or link.

As we are not photo professionals ourselves, we work together with one: Creart.