The right content – Part 2- How do I write good text?

Now that the basics and above all the importance have been clarified in the first part, I would like to address the question of how good text for a website is created.

With every search query on Google, every visit to a website and every click on Amazon, the visitor is pursuing a goal or has a question to which they are looking for an answer:

  • How much does article xyz cost?
  • What is the telephone number of painter xyz?
  • Is the abc store open on Saturday morning?
  • What are the warranty conditions?
  • How do I install the printer?
  • Does this company already have experience in home automation?
  • I’m bored and I want to be entertained.

So when you write your content, think about it:

  • What questions might the visitor have?
  • Which questions do I want to answer with page xyz?

You can save yourself the generic blah, blah, blah that you read on many pages and get straight to the point. The attention span of visitors is extremely short. If the visitor doesn’t feel that you can answer his question after a few seconds, he’s already gone.

If you’ve still read this far, then I’ve achieved my goal.

However, a good text alone is not enough. Think about what you want the visitor to do after visiting the site:

  • Buy a product?
  • Call us?
  • Fill out the contact form?
  • Sign up for the newsletter safely?
  • etc

This in turn will also have an influence on your text.

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