My homepage does not appear on Google – what can I do?

Your homepage does not appear on Google, even though it is accessible via the direct URL? In this article, you will find out what steps are necessary for your site to appear in Google search results.

Help, my homepage does not appear on Google!

Google is a search engine that searches the entire Internet for content and remembers this content. This process is called “indexing”. Put simply, Google has a gigantic glossary of keywords that belong to a website. When a search query is made, the glossary is searched and all matching pages are listed. A page that is accessible is not necessarily and automatically in the Google index/glossary. You can check whether your page is in the index with the following search query: site: Now you should see all pages that are in the Google index.

In the screenshot you can see that Google knows (has indexed) about 115 pages of If a zero appears here, then the page is not indexed. You can find out how to solve this problem in the next step.

my homepage does not appear on google

There are many other possible reasons why the homepage does not appear on Google, but they are very unlikely. These include:

  • You were penalized by Google because you tried to manipulate Google
  • You actively search for search engines from your site
  • Your website loads too slowly
  • You have changed your permalinks
  • Your content is too bad

How can I publish my site on Google?

Or how can I add my site to the Google index? Sooner or later Google will find your site and add it to the index. However, this may take some time. You can speed up the process by submitting your site to Google Search Console. In this case, the process can be massively shortened.

My site does not appear on the first page of Google?

Everyone wants to appear at number one, because the clicks decrease massively from number 3 and 4 and from page 2 it is as good as unseen. The exact details are Google’s big secret, but here are a few tips:

  • For which keywords do you want to be listed? Make sure that these search terms also appear in the text.
  • Make sure that the site is technically sound. This includes the use of title and alt tags, SSL, meta description and much more (loading speed, use of headings, etc.). It is best to have a programmer take care of this. Meeting all criteria is almost impossible or extremely complex and expensive. A compromise is often necessary here in order to keep costs and benefits in balance.
  • You need so-called backlinks. Backlinks are links from another site to your own site: e.g. a link from a friend’s blog, a link from the community directory, etc. The number of links pointing to your page is an indicator for Google that the page is of high quality and is therefore weighted higher.
  • Last but not least, it also takes time. Newly registered domains always have a hard time.

Bear in mind that these tips don’t even scratch the surface. The topic of search engine optimization (SEO) is so big and deep. There are thousands of YouTube videos, hundreds of thousands of articles and countless forums and groups on the Internet that discuss the topic. We have written a more detailed one here: Search engine optimization for WordPress – The ultimate guide

I hope that you can solve your problem “Homepage does not appear on Google”. Or would you like to know more? Then you can of course contact us. We have experience in SEO optimization and are happy to help you.


The problem “My homepage does not appear on Google” can have many causes. This article has shown you basic steps and tips to solve this particular problem. If, despite these tips, you find that your website is not listed on Google, we recommend professional SEO advice. This way you can ensure that the problem “My homepage doesn’t appear on Google” is solved effectively and sustainably.